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Basic Equipment for Filming Using a Smartphone

This is a real example of an interview, shot on 4th January 2019 using a One+ 5 Android smartphone. Any decent smartphone will do just as well. No artificial lighting was used.

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Clean, high-quality sound is crucially important when making any video. Using a clip-on microphone rather than your phone’s built-in microphone will make the difference. This is the inexpensive microphone used for that interview. It has the added advantage of having a long cable.

I use this LED light ring regularly. It’s brilliant for clipping on the front of your smartphone and adding just enough light to illuminate an interviewee’s face. There are three light settings. (Please note: it was not used in the video above).

A hand-held, documentary style can sometimes be very effective but no matter how steady you think your hand might be – you will need a tripod to hold your smartphone for MOST other situations. A full size tripod gives more flexibility, but I nearly always carry a small desktop tripod around with me. For additional height, you simply put the tripod on a box.

If you plan to do a lot of indoor filming, you’ll need artificial lighting. I use this set of 3 lamps. They work extremely well. And they’re very affordable.

There are various video apps you can use to improve the video flexibility of your smartphone. I use Cinema FV-5. It allows you to adjust exposure, ISO, focus, white balance and a lot more.

In simple terms, using an app like this helps your image to NOT look like a smartphone video!

It’s ridiculously inexpensive to buy. Worth every penny. www.Cinemafv5.com for more infomation.

There are MANY video editing packages to choose from these days. The video above was edited using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium.