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“How to be a Cool Guy”

What makes a guy ‘cool’?

Think of the cool guys you’ve met (real men, not cool characters from the movies like Bond, Bourne or Reacher.) What is it about the combination of attitude, appearance and behaviour that makes them so appealing?

When you understand the building blocks of authentic (rather than fake) ‘cool’ and then learn how to embed new cool habits into your daily life, you can improve, sometimes quite dramatically, how men and women perceive you. This in turn, will give you a deeper inner-confidence, become more highly respected, improve your reputation and open up all sorts of new professional, social and even romantic opportunities for you.

In this short, to-the-point eBook (so you can read it discreetly in public!), the author provides more than a hundred practical ways to increase your CQ (Cool Quotient). Individually, these ideas and insights will help make you more cool. But when you add them all together, they have the potential to transform your life for the long-term.

You can learn these skills for less than the price of one beer. This book will guide you.

Read it if:

  • You are a guy who is prepared to learn and adopt genuinely cool attitudes and behaviours.
  • Your wife or girlfriend suggested you read it or
  • You’re an older, curious guy who’s prepared to see where you may have gone wrong in the past!


For men and women who want to ensure they keep The One they have already. And for ALL singles who are determined to be READY when they find The One for them. There have never been so many single people on this planet. With the explosive growth in internet dating, you are now only a click away from being the Ex in N-ex-t. In this book, you will learn how to adopt and absorb the same qualities you find so essential in others. Life-changing wisdom, insights and practical ideas and advice to help you become that special person – for them. So he or she decides to stop their search once they’ve met you. How to be The One includes how to move from a ME mentality to being part of an US. This book also introduces the concept of your Emotional Core; the four key emotional qualities that provide you with the emotional stability, depth, and strength to make YOU as irresistible to them, as they are to you. Starting today.


Paperback version of "How to be LOVED"




“The self-help path to true love”  Mail on Sunday

“This new book will teach you a whole new attitude – you’ll be fighting the men off!” More! Magazine

“How to be LOVED. Whether you’re single, married, coming out of a relationship, or just want to get on with people better, this will help…an inspiring new book” Bella Magazine

eBook version of "Dear Daughter" (see below)

Pre-publication reader reviews

“A wonderful guide to all things feminine… it’s about me and every other girl/woman in the world who has doubts, insecurities and feels disconnected… factual and insightful…a must have for every teenage girl/woman… the section on self-esteem and feeling better about yourself helped me …a great book for young women … reading this book, my outlook on life will change for the better. I learned so many valuable life lessons. I will certainly be recommending this book to many of my friends… finished it last night feeling completely in love with myself and my body … It shocked me how much of the book I could relate to … I liked how there was a mix of the females and then the perspective from the author …Very nicely written accessible and smart, the language is understandable and draws you in… really useful, especially the things on money and jobs … I’d never normally read self help books but this was actually very interesting and had some useful information about being happy with yourself …

Thorough, caring, non-patronizing …a real eye-opener …Loved the emotional aspects in the book…I like the writing style … nice to see someone of the older generation writing for and to younger generations. A must-read for girls becoming women…This book is really amazing.”

Packed with must-have, practical information, relevant advice and inspirational wisdom, this new book is for all open-minded teens and young women who want to lead a genuinely happy life.

Includes: what every teen and young woman needs to know about being a 21st century woman, looking after yourself, improving the relationship you have with yourself; being genuinely happy in life with self-confidence, self-esteem and a healthy attitude, relationships with others (friends and frenemies), sex-from the first time onwards, how to understand men, spotting (and avoiding) the dangerous ones, what no one tells you about marriage and divorce, the secret ‘rules’ in the workplace, what the rich know about money, the poor don’t, making better decisions, understanding risk and building a solid personal and professional reputation.

eBook version of "Dear Son" (see below)

GIRLS MONEY POWER: Which of these appeal to you the most? Why?

Have you ever wondered why some guys achieve success in these areas, while others don’t? It’s not their looks, or their intelligence. There are millions of intelligent men who never achieve greatness. And you’ve probably seen loads of average looking guys with stunning girlfriends and wives. How do they do that? They understand something, others don’t.

As you will discover, your own success will be determined by your ability to attract opportunities into your life. And then it’s about what you do with each opportunity.

GIRLS MONEY POWER and Other Cool Life Secrets for Teen Guys provides you with the information, knowledge, insights and wisdom you need to create a successful future as a man.

Seriously good. Ben (17) UK


Brilliantly balanced perspective and advice relating to many of the facets we need to master to develop from a boy to a ‘real man.’ Although as a husband and father I have learned most of the threads the hard way, the wise advice, if heeded, will advance the development of any young man and help him to mitigate mistakes in life. Some parts of the book had me laughing out loud, particularly the chapter on women, which described my wife and me to a tee, and she agreed! A great read … Mark Woods, UK

I bought your book as a present for my son (22 yrs). However, I could not resist reading the first few pages and am now two thirds through it. For any father and son, its compelling reading and ‘yes’ I do wish I knew, what he is shortly to read, at his age. Hopefully, he will have no excuses to repeat the mistakes his father has made. Its a wonderful book … 5 out of 5. Roger Wilkinson, UK

“I was a little daunted when offered this book to review but I was so wrong to be so! I genuinely thoroughly enjoyed … I laughed out loud … I was expecting a heavier tone but was surprised by the lightness of the text and of the humour therein – particularly in the sections on relationships, women and sex.
The book covers many areas that are typically un-discussed or even taboo within male circles and society and starts, quite surprisingly, with frank discussions about being a man. In fact, what it takes to be a “real” man as opposed to the stereotypical image of one. This, as if not enough to make me sit up and pay more attention, is followed with considerable discourse on the typically most feared domain of manhood, that of emotions! It offers advice, examples and some “tests”, all of which are easy to understand … I can say with total honesty and no little embarrassment that if I had understood these issues during my own hectic, hormone-filled, fakely-exuberant youth then I would certainly have made different decisions on many, many occasion. The book covers both “philosophical” and practical issues … how and why being kind is being strong, happiness, attitude and how to listen to women. Now tell me that those issues would not be useful to any son!
As if discussion on emotions and self esteem were not enough, the author then moves into the realms of relationships and, with welcome inevitability, relationships with women. Oh if only someone had told me back then! You need not get the wrong impression here; it is not about how to “pull” women nor does it provide the best chat-up lines; it offers sensible, mature, experienced advice on what to look for (rather than at), how to communicate (which advises listening – note to all men here!) and even how to spot and avoid certain hazardous circumstances and personalities. It would seem that we men are sometimes the target of “dangerous” female personalities too! The author continues the lighter touch in his treatment of sex … which may resonate with men of all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed Roy’s book… I would suggest that most, if not all, of my male friends read this book and bite that most explosive of male “bullets” – communication. Phil Birch, business editor the3rdi magazine.

Paperback version of "All About You" (as above)

For All 15 to 25 year old women. Features 1,500 years of wisdom and insight from a group of amazing women. Topics include; what it takes to be a woman, what you need to know about looking after yourself, the relationship you have with yourself, understanding your emotions, how to develop confident relationships with others, how to deal with mean-girl frenemies, how to gain a better understanding of men, how to spot the dangerous ones, marriage and divorce, what they don’t teach you about sex at school, the world of work, what rich people know about money that poor people don’t, understanding risk, responsibility, how to build a solid personal and professional reputation, understanding the dynamics of personal power, making better decisions, negotiating and other crucial life skills.

Paperback version of "GIRLS MONEY POWER" (as above)

Have you ever wondered why some guys achieve success in these areas, while others don’t? It’s not their looks, or their intelligence. There are millions of intelligent men who never achieve greatness. And you’ve probably seen loads of average looking guys with stunning girlfriends and wives. How do they do that? They understand something, others don’t.

As you will discover, your own success will be determined by your ability to attract opportunities into your life. And then it’s about what you do with each opportunity.

Dear Son: what I wish I’d known at your age provides you with the information, knowledge, insights and wisdom you need to create a successful future as a man.


Do you brighten a room when you walk in? Or when you leave?

This handy book of pocket wisdom is perfect for anyone who feels mildly to extremely uncomfortable walking into any
room of strangers.

Meet Greet and Prosper offers hundreds of practical tips and ideas on how to attend parties and conferences
with far more confidence. Includes: how to initiate conversations with strangers, how to overcome nerves, how to introduce others and much more.

By Roy Sheppard, Europe’s leading speaker and writer on networking and building every kind of relationship.

The Refreshingly Direct No-Tech Way to Grow your Business and Increase Sales

Written for busy people who need practical knowledge and ideas for their business but don’t have the time to wade through hundreds of pages to find it. Packed with ready to implement bullet pointed ideas – there are over 125 ideas in the first 2 chapters alone. Most business people can’t or won’t ask for referrals. They feel uncomfortable about asking. You’ll learn how and feel good about it too. When to ask, How to ask, What to ask. Gain new business without having to cold call. Reach the right people and prospects. Secure repeat and new business from existing customers. Realise the full life-time value of your best customers. Stimulate a word of mouth campaign that gets prospects calling you rather than your competitors. Understand and therefore avoid the key factors which inhibit your referral gathering capabilities.

This Knowledge Nugget Guide is designed for busy people who need practical knowledge and ideas for their business but don’t have time to wade through hundreds of pages to find it. Its bullet-point format, and no waffle style, takes you right to the vital information you need, as you need it. It doesn’t read like a textbook.

With over 125 referral generating ideas packed into the first two chapters alone, this fast-paced read gives you ideas that can be immediately tried and tested.

Anybody who wants to grow their business should read this book. It provides the nutrients needed for growth. Roy Sheppard has given me business advice which works. All I can say is read it and do it.

Chris Moon MBE

International Speaker, mine clearance campaigner and author of "One Step Beyond"

PLEASE NOTE: These are EXACTLY the same books.

This book is about the nasty, vindictive and manipulative women with NO conscience who target innocent men and women with TOO MUCH conscience. These women see their victims as having a character flaw that is there to be exploited. The book explores the lying, cheating, conniving and manipulation of women with malicious intent. What are the everyday tricks of their tyrannical trade? How she claims to be the victim when she is the aggressor. And how this makes it far more difficult for genuine female victims to receive the help they need and deserve. The case studies in this book of how men are abused physically, financially, psychologically and even sexually, are truly shocking. Large numbers of men are stigmatised, ridiculed and disbelieved when they don’t conform to society’s male stereotype. Forensically researched. This book is NOT anti-women. The only women who have a problem with it tend to be those with something to hide.

This book should be required reading for all young men today. Many are the good and decent men in our society who have suffered emotional terrorism at the hands of sick and manipulative women. We must learn the characteristics and strategies of these women if we are to protect ourselves, our families, and our friends.”

One of SO MANY 5 star reviews on Amazon

To buy eBook versions of That Bitch

As a woman, a former police officer, and a current behavior health nurse and therapist, I see far too many women who have malicious intentions toward any man they are involved with — women who take advantage of not only men but the laws that assist them in the destruction of any man unfortunate enough to get into a romantic relationship with one of these “bitches.” … it is about time that our therapists and our laws recognize that malicious women exist in our society and while they pretend to be victims and give performances that should be worthy of an Oscar, …This book provides examples of couples where the man was the victim of violent assaults, emotional and sexual abuse, and trapped in a relationship where he can’t escape because the laws don’t recognize his rights to property and access to his children equally with their female partners. To leave is to lose access to his children, to lose property, to lose financial resources, and to risk being falsely accused of being violent or a sexual predator.

I recommend this book to women and men patients I serve as we all want someone to love and someone who loves us, and we often don’t see how our intentions, actions, and behaviors stand in the way of achieving a healthy, loving relationship with a significant other (as well as with those we interact with in our immediate families and on the job). A good read with valid observations.

Amazon 5 star review

To buy paper version of That Bitch

This is a book that I wish that I had read 40 years ago. It would have saved a lot of grief. The book is written by a man and woman team, and it treads boldly into areas that society likes to ignore and mock. The premise of the book is excellent, to help people (men and women) identify destructive women and to know what to do when confronted by such a woman. The book follows through admirably by presenting a case complete with well researched facts. Very nicely done! I recommend this book to any adult that might ever come across a destructive woman. Yeah! That means that everyone above the age of 18 should own a copy of this book!

Amazon 5 star review

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